John William Cooper (b.1942) lived and worked in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Following the cold case review of the 1985 and 1989 double murders in Pembrokeshire, he was arrested in May 2009 after advancements in fiber forensic technology that linked him to the crimes. Prior to this he had a history of criminal offences and had already served one prison sentence for multiple armed robberies. Cooper claims he is innocent to this day.

With a detached, ambiguous language these images aim to leave you fascinated with the killings yet repulsed at the reality of the situation. This reality, constructed through fragments of factual information presented by the media, causes the work to question the authority of a photograph as an evidential document, whilst incorporating fact and fiction.

The sequence of images is a critical survey of locations with a strong chronological narrative underpinning them and their intention is to challenge your compulsion to see more. People are seeking a more visceral experience, rather than the engagement fictional material can offer.